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Bumper Clevis

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Weld on Bumper Clevis
Part Number: B4W750001
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Our bumper clevises are cut from ¾ A50 US steel and have a 7/8 bore. The 7/8 bore will accommodate a ¾ shackle clevis and with a good ¾ clevis being rated at over 62,000 lbs they will more than do the job. These d-ring mounts can be welded through your bumper or attach directly to your frame. You could weld these through a 3/16 thick plate bumper and through a ¾ backing plate and the clevis would still not touch the bumper. Some companies do make longer versions but we have found that making them longer than they need to be just forces too much leverage on the mounting surface. These are 2" wide to allow for a 7/8" bore.
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