Q: Do these arms allow for a straight tie rod to clear the diff cover at full lock?

Asked by: Jeff - 2/23/2019
A: If the front holes in the arms are used, the tie rod can be straight and will clear the differential cover. If the rear holes are used a 1.5" diameter straight tie rod will contact the differential cover at full lock.
Answer provided by: Matt Pless (2/26/2019)

Q: Are the factory knuckles cast iron or cast steel? What is the reccomended welding proceedure?

Asked by: Roger - 3/4/2019
A: The factory knuckles are cast steel. It is still a good idea to preheat and slowly cool the knuckle after welding.
Answer provided by: Matt Pless (3/6/2019)

Q: how far forward is the front hole compared to the 1 inch ole or original tie rod location hole?

Asked by: Colton - 3/12/2019
A: Both holes are moved in towards the center of the axle 1-3/4" and the front hole is moved forward 2-1/4".
Answer provided by: Matt Pless (3/15/2019)

Q: I want to use this in a full hydro application, is there another kit for that or this kit is dual purpose?

Asked by: Brady - 2/23/2019
A: This kit can be used with full hydraulic steering, hydraulic assist, or crossover.
Answer provided by: Matt Pless (2/26/2019)

Q: How different is the 03–05 knuckles? Could these be used?

Asked by: Dusty P - 3/29/2019
A: We have not tested these on the 2003-2005 knuckles. I am not sure if they would fit or not.
Answer provided by: Matt Pless (4/5/2019)

Q: What is the difference between part#B4WK12403 and part#B4WK12340?

Asked by: Randall Russell - 11/19/2019
A: B4WK12340 is the first rendition of this kit and is more friendly with a full hydraulic steering set up. While B4WK12403 is suited more for crossover applications.
Answer provided by: Conner (11/27/2019)

Q: What travel distance lock to lock is the inside hole drilled for if used in a hydraulic assist setup with drag link on inside hole?

Asked by: Derek - 5/14/2019
A: We put it in our CAD system and it looks like 8" of travel lock to lock!
Answer provided by: Conner (5/31/2019)

Q: what size hiems does this allow?

Asked by: nate p - 5/31/2019
A: 7/8" heims are as big as you can go with this set up
Answer provided by: Conner (5/31/2019)

Q: Does the tie rod mount to the closest hole from the axle or the farthest hole? I have it mounted on the farthest hole & my drag link crosses over and is slightly rubbing & I have horrible death wobble. But running the tie rod on the closest hole it hits my track bar mount.

Asked by: Robert - 3/29/2020
A: There are a few different options you can do to solve these issues. You could stack the drag ling on top of the tie rod on the back hole. You could also bend your drag link to make it clear your drag link.
Answer provided by: AJ Morgan (3/30/2020)

Q: If the drag link is in the closest hole, and tie rod is in the outer hole, what do you do to the drivers side knuckle to match it up? Looks like it would need some type of spacer to get it up to same level?

Asked by: Robert - 4/17/2020
A: I'm not sure I fully understand your question, but you would essentially do the same thing to your tie rod on the drivers side knuckle that you did on your passenger side. If you look at part#: B4WK0099 you can see we supply spacers to mount your tie rod and your drag link in that kit.
Answer provided by: Conner (5/28/2020)

Q: Does the spacer that goes under the bracket, on top of the original tie rod hole, get welded too?

Asked by: Anthony - 7/25/2020
A: Yes.
Answer provided by: Clayton Arrowood (8/31/2020)

Q: When will the weld on high steer arms be available for the 06-08 super duty be available

Asked by: Dennis - 10/9/2020
A: We expect these within the next few weeks.
Answer provided by: Clayton Arrowood (10/14/2020)

Q: Can these be used on 2013/14 Super 60?

Asked by: Devin Singh - 12/9/2020
A: No, please look over part number B4WK12435.
Answer provided by: Clayton Arrowood (12/22/2020)

Q: If using the hole farthest from the knuckle on a full hydro double ended ram, what cylinder stroke would need to be used?

Asked by: Bob - 1/19/2021
A: This will depend on too many variables. We recommend mounting the arms and measuring the needed stoke for your setup.
Answer provided by: Clayton Arrowood (1/20/2021)

Q: Does this kit work with dually axle applications? I just got the kit from you guys in the mail and it doesn’t look like it will clear my tires. I’m either going to have to modify the bracket or add spacers it looks like. I’m assuming my offset of the dually rim is not the correct amount to clear.

Asked by: Brian Gronback - 5/27/2020
No Answers have been submitted yet.