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Steel 4x4 Parts: Is Beefier Still Better?

Posted by Brad Barnes on 8/18/2015 to Product Highlights
Ultra100 Axle Truss

Steel has a reputation for strength, but not all steel is of equal quality or durability. In the past, the thinking has always been "Beefier is better," and in this case, the game has changed. The world of motorsports demands a high level of attention to weight versus power, relating directly to acceleration, deceleration, and handling. For example, some parts manufacturers use 36,000 minimum yield steel. To give you a point of comparison, this means it would take 36,000 pounds of force to permanently damage this grade of steel. Both past and present, Barnes 4wd has used 50,000 minimum yield steel, which has resulted in high quality 4x4 parts that we are proud of.

On the other hand, we’ve wanted to take the durability of custom off-road parts a step further. So we’ve begun engineering and fabricating steel parts that are 25% of the average weight, yet double the strength – we call it Ultra 100.

Ultra 100: Stronger Steel for a Rugged Rig

The Barnes 4wd Ultra 100 line is a series of products entirely made from 100,000 minimum yield strength steel (requiring 100,000 pounds of force to deform or bend). Furthermore, unlike chromoly, Ultra 100 parts will not require heat treatment after welding, and can be MIG welded to any other steel. By utilizing this grade of steel, Ultra 100 products are actually made of thinner, lighter steel that surpasses normal strength 2-3 times over. This maximized strength, combined with reduced weight, makes for a quicker rig with greater endurance.

Ultra100 Frame Tab Pair

Which Barnes Parts are Available in Ultra 100?

Our current collection of Ultra 100 parts includes trusses, link tabs, link mount brackets, axle link towers, triangulated 4 link brackets, frame tabs, link truss brackets, control arm brackets, panhard (trackbar) brackets, radius arm brackets, and more to come. New parts are coming out often so check our new product releases. If you want to learn more or have any questions, give us as call at (828) 551-7616 or email [email protected]

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