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Shock Brackets, Tabs and Towers

Barnes 4wd fabricates off road shock mounts, shock towers, brackets and tabs that are custom made for welding on various surfaces and to fit all applications.

During any off road adventure, shocks are crucial for keeping your wheels to the ground and absorbing impacts that would otherwise damage your rig. Also, installing top quality shock mounting hardware can maximize your ground clearance and its capacity for hardcore crawling and pounding. Barnes’ Jeep shock mounts are strong and versatile. Our custom sizing makes it easy for DIY fabricators to apply Barnes’ off road parts to differently shaped and sized surfaces with ease and precision.
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Curved Shock Tab Pair
Average Rating(0)
Axle Shock Tab Pair
Average Rating(2)
Tube Shock Towers
Average Rating(1)
Link Shock Combo Bracket Tabs
Average Rating(0)
Jeep TJ Rear Axle Shock Mounts
Average Rating(1)
Frame Shock Tower Pair
Average Rating(5)
Frenched Shock Tower Pair
Average Rating(4)
Axle Link Mount Shock Combo
Average Rating(1)
Bent, Axle Shock Bracket Pair
Average Rating(3)
Bent, Flat Bottom Shock Bracket Pair
Average Rating(8)
Bent, Tube Shock Bracket Pair
Average Rating(3)
Behind The Axle Shock Bracket
Average Rating(4)
Long Shock Tab Pair
Average Rating(0)
Square, Shock Mount Tabs Pair
Average Rating(0)
Flat Bottom, Shock Mount Tabs Pair
Average Rating(3)
Tube, Shock Mount Tabs Pair
Average Rating(5)
Shock Mount For U Bolt Plate
Average Rating(0)
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