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Scott Trimarco’s 2013 Tube Buggy Upgrades

Posted by Brad Barnes on 9/15/2015 to Barnes Projects

Scott built his buggy in 2013, using the running gear from a 1985 Toyota pickup. He decided to start some upgrades in order to make the axles stronger. To do so, he chose Barnes 4wd’s Toyota Weld-on Differential Cover for the front axle. This particular diff cover is designed to fulfill complete protection. It’s especially helpful if an axle has rust or leakage, both of which are common issues for abused or older rigs. The install process requires removal of the the factory cap, following welding of the steel cover. You can check out Scott’s awesome diff cover install in the picture below:

STrimarco Tube Buggy

Easy to Install, Protective Off-Road Gear

According to Scott, “The Toyota cover was easy to install and protects the gears better than any other differential guard can; better than popular small guards out there. I never have to worry about damaging the gears from hitting rocks now.”

Have a similar off-road fabrication story?

Visit the Barnes 4X4 Upgrade Challenge page to learn more about how you can participate.

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