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Rockwell Link Brackets

For hill climbing long wheelbase rigs with 46" tires and bigger or Mega Trucks running huge tires Rockwell's are the go to axle. Every year what we think of a "big tire" seems to be redefined by a new even bigger tire. It also seems that instead of having an unbelievable low crawl ratio the norm is getting to be high horsepower motors. With the combination of bigger tires and more power more and more people are finding the limits of one ton axles.  This is where the 2.5 Ton Rockwell comes in.


2.5 Ton Rockwell Axles are a great choice but to get the most out of them you need suspension components that are uniquely designed for their unique layout. First to keep the center of gravity low and to have clearance for the top loader driveshaft the upper control arms need to be straight. Since the upper control arms are straight then to locate the axle laterally the lowers then need to have the triangulation so they are pre-bent to 20 degrees. We took this in to consideration with the design of all of our Rockwell brackets. The entire Barnes 4wd Rockwell Bracket line up is made entirely of 3/8" American Steel and to be used the suspension joints that have a 2 5/8" mounting width. 

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Rockwell Control Arm Brackets With Shock Tabs Pair
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Rockwell Control Arm Brackets With Coil Buckets Pair
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Rockwell Control Arm Brackets Pair
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Rockwell Link Tower
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