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Pepe Palomo and the Macho Taco

Posted by Brad on 9/22/2015 to Barnes Projects

Pepe Palomo, owner of Global Off-Road Supply, has gained a lot of recognition in the rock crawling community for his bright green 1999 Toyota Tacoma, also known as the “Macho Taco”:

Macho Taco Toyota

How it all Started

Pepe’s interest in the off-road world started after his dad took him to desert races and monster truck rallies when he was a kid. Now, he has been riding regularly for more than a decade and shares his love for rock crawling and off-road Toyotas with his own two kids.

Modifying the Macho Taco’s Suspension

The Macho Taco began as a 2-wheel drive, but Pepe’s custom off-road modifications have taken this 4-cylinder, 5-speed to new heights (literally). He originally built his Toyota Tacoma up on leaf springs (front and rear). Then, in 2013, he got picked for Four Wheeler Magazine's “Top Truck Challenge.” In order to compete, Pepe needed to change his front suspension to a three link – he decided to go with Barnes 4wd.

Macho Taco Rock Crawl

The Macho Taco with a 3 Link Front

Pepe installed his Barnes 4wd Three Link Suspension Kit and then competed in the challenge.

Macho Taco Rock Crawling

According to Pepe, the results were exactly what he needed: “This was the best modification I could've added to my truck. The kit worked flawlessly and was easy to install. It allowed my truck to walk over every obstacle that was put in front of it. HUGE props to Barnes 4WD for making such a great product!

If you would like to see Pepe and the Macho Taco in real-time, check out the video below (skip to 1:45 to see the Barnes 4wd three link in action):

Do you Have an Off-road Fabrication Story?

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