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New Product Install: Jeep Wrangler JK License Plate Relocation Kit

Posted by Brad on 11/20/2015 to Install Tips
New Product Install: Jeep Wrangler JK License Plate Relocation Kit
This is an install that we did on our Jeep Wrangler JK here at Barnes 4wd, we installed our JK license plate relocation kit to move our plate away from the vulnerable factory location, we installed one of our JK license plate deletion panels to clean up the look of the back of the JK and we installed a set of our LED license plate lights so we could keep our JK legal.  Overall this was a very easy install that only took a couple of hours, here is how we did it.

Tool List:
Small Flat Head Screwdriver
Needle Nose Pliers
10mm Open End Wrench
13mm Socket
7mm Socket
T20 Torx Driver

Here is what the back of our JK looked like with all of the factory components in place, the factory license plate bracket is in a terrible spot and just begging for a rock or other obstacle to rip it off.

JK Stock Tire Carrier

So our first step in this install was to remove the license plate and locate the 4 bolts that we needed to remove in order to remove the entire factory license plate bracket.  Here is a picture showing the 4 bolts that had to be removed with a 7mm socket.

JK Stock License Plate Holder

After these 4 bolts were removed we were able to access the plug for the factory license plate light.  A small flat head screwdriver was used through a hole in the back of the bracket to release the clip holing the two halves of the plug together. 

JK License Plate Plug Removal
Now that we had the stock bracket removed 2 small threaded inserts had to be removed that 2 of the screws threaded into.  We took a pair of needle nose pliers on the inside of the body and squeezed the two tabs on either side of the insert to remove it from the hole that it was installed in.

JK License Plate Bracket Removed

Here is what the clips look like after removal, you can see the small tabs that have to be squeezed to facilitate removal.

JK License Plate Bracket Threaded Inserts

Now we took the factory plug and wiring for the license plate light and tucked it into the cavity in the body.  This is what our JK looked like after all of this was complete.

JK License Plate Bracket Removed

Now it was time to install our JK License Plate Deletion Panel it simply snaps into the hole and makes the rear of our JK look much cleaner.

JK License Plate Deletion Panel

Now it was time to move on to the tailgate of our JK.  There are 4 screws that have to be removed from the backside of the third brake light all of these screws were T20 Torx screws.

JK 3rd Brake Light Screws 

With the 4 screws removed we were now able to access the electrical plug on the backside of the third brake light, there is a small release that has to be squeezed and the plug will pull right out.

JK 3rd Brake Light Removed

With the third brake light out of the way we now had to move to the inside of the tailgate and remove the vent inside the tailgate.  This vent was a very tight fit and the left side has to be gently pulled out first in order for it to be removed.

JK Interior Tailgate Vent

Here is the vent removed showing the clips that hold it in place

JK Interior Tailgate Vent Removed

Removing the vent gained us access to the plug inside the tailgate for the third brake light wiring harness.

JK Third Brake Light Plug Installed

This plug had to be disconnected so we could remove the wiring harness for the third brake light as it will no longer be needed.

JK Third Brake Plug Unplugged

Now it was time to remove the entire harness from the tailgate, it was held in with a rubber grommet that simply pops out with a gentle push.

JK Third Brake Light Harness Removed

The factory tire bumpers were the next parts that needed to be removed.

JK Tire Bumper

A small pull was all that was needed to remove the bumpers.

JK Tire Bumper Removed

The factory tire carrier now had to come off, we used a 13 mm socket to remove the 8 bolts holding it on.

JK Stock Tire Carrier Removed

With the tire carrier out of the way the vent in tailgate needed to be removed, there were several tabs on the back that hold it in.

JK Tailgate Vent 

Here it is removed, there is a small rubber grommet beside it that needs to be removed as well.

JK Tailgate

Now we needed to move back to the inside of the JK and remove a few interior panels so we could run our wiring for our LED License Plate Lights.  We started with the access panel that runs across the inside of the tailgate, there are clips along the bottom edge that have to be popped out to accommodate removal of the panel.

The panel to be removed

JK Tailgate Access Cover

The backside of the panel showing the clips that have to be popped out of the tailgate.

JK Tailgate Access Panel Removed

Three more interior panels now had to be removed the first one was the bezel around the seat belt, by pulling upward we were able to remove it.

JK Seat Belt Bezel Removal 

Now the plastic panel behind the roll bar had to be removed, gently pushing it will pop it loose from the other plastic piece.

JK Interior Panel Removal

We were now down to the last panel, 2 bolts had to be removed and one nut had to be loosened.  Two bolts go through the footman loops in the floor and we used a T30 Torx to remove them, the one nut is near the roll bar tube behind the interior panel a 10mm open end wrench was used to loosen it.  After all of the fasteners were removed the panel still has two spring loaded clips on the backside, we pulled and popped the clips loose from there retainers and were then able to remove the panel.

The nut on the backside that had to be loosened.

JK Interior Panel Nut 

Panel Removed

JK Interior Panel Removed

Now we were ready to run our wires for the LED License Plate Lights, we ran ours along with the factory wiring that runs behind the panels that we removed.  We then tied into the factory wiring for the right side tail light so our license plate lights would be on when our parking/headlights were on and we found a suitable location inside the tailgate for our ground.  We made sure to use wire connectors that were small enough to fit through the holes in the tailgate plate so if in the future we needed to remove our license plate we could without having to cut any wires.

Here is a diagram showing where our wires went.

License Plate Light Wiring Diagram

Everything was ready to be reinstalled now.  We started by attaching our license plate to the tailgate plate, connected all of our wiring, installed the 8 factory bolts that held the factory tire carrier on into the tailgate plate, installed the 3 provided plugs into the holes where the factory tire bumpers and 3rd brake light harness used to be and reinstalled all of our interior panels.  What we ended up with was a much cleaner looking tailgate, our license plate is now out of harms way, and we have street legal lights for our newly relocated license plate.

JK License Plate Delete Kit


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