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New Product Install: Jeep Wrangler JK Crossmember

Posted by Brad on 11/2/2015 to Install Tips
This is an install that we did of our heavy duty 2012-Up JK Crossmember, we also carry a crossmember for the earlier models it can be found here JK Crossmember 2007-2011, this install will be very similar for both models.  Overall it was an easy install that only took about 45 mins, here is how we did it. 


Tool List:


18mm Socket

16mm Deep Well Socket

18mm Combination Wrench


Jack stand

2 wooden blocks

Safety glasses


1.       First we used an 18mm socket to remove the 2 bolts that secure the transfer case skid to the cross member, 1 bolt that secures it to the frame rail, and 1 bolt that secures it to the fuel tank skid.

 jk-trasnfer case-Skid-bolts            


2.       Using the 18mm socket again we removed the transmission pan skid.  There was one bolt in either frame rail and one in the crossmember.




3.       Using the same 18mm socket we removed the 2 bolts that secure the fuel tank skid to the cross member.



4.        Using the 16mm deep well socket we removed the 3 nuts that hold the transmission mount to the cross member (one nut is not shown in picture).



 5.       We then used a jack to slightly lift the transmission off from the cross member, taking care not to lift the transmission/transfer case assembly too far to avoid damage.  The studs for the transmission mount did not need to clear the cross member, only slightly lifted to support the weight of the assembly.  We used a block of wood in-between the jack and the transfer case to prevent damage (see picture).  After slightly lifting the transmission we put a jack stand under the transmission pan with a block of wood for safety.  We left both the jack and jack stand in place until the new cross member was installed.





6.        Using the 18mm wrench and the 18mm socket we removed the nuts on either end of the cross member (4 total).



7.       We then made sure that the transmission was securely and properly supported on a jack and a jack stand and then removed the two driver's side cross member bolts first, then removed the two passenger side bolts.  At this point we lowered the cross member on the driver's side and slide it out towards the driver's side.




8.       Now we simply reversed all the steps that we took during dis-assembly and reused all of our factory hardware, we slid the new cross member in from the driver's side and installed the 4 bolts that hold it in place, then installed the nuts on the bolts with the 18mm socket and wrench and tightened securely.  After that we removed the jack stand and wood block from under the transmission pan.  We gently lowered the jack and took care to make sure the studs on the transmission mount were correctly lined up with the holes in the new cross member.  We then installed the 3 nuts on the transmission mount studs with the 16mm deep well socket and tightened securely.  After that we installed the two bolts that hold the gas tank skid to the cross member with the 18mm socket and tightened securely.  We then installed the transfer case skid plate and its 4 bolts with the 18mm socket, two bolts in the cross member one bolt in the fuel tank skid and one in the driver's frame rail and tightened securely.  After that we installed the transmission pan skid plate and its 3 bolts with an 18mm socket.

Now we were ready to hit the trail and we didn't have to worry about the flimsy stock crossmember being a casualty of the trail!

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