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New Product Install: Jeep JK 4 Door Rocker Guard Install

Posted by Brad on 9/7/2016 to Install Tips
Jeep JK Rockers

This is an install that we did on our Jeep JKU 4 door shop rig, we thought you might like to see how we did it and what tools that we used.  So here is a complete list of the tools that we needed and how we did the install.  Our rocker guards will fit all 4 door Jeep JKU unlimited from 2007-2017.

List of included parts

Installation Tip:  Stainless fasteners are used to prevent corrosion, however it makes the fastener very susceptible to galled threads.  Use a liberal amount of anti-seize on all fasteners and do not tighten fasteners with an impact wrench.  

Here is a list of the tools used:

Painter's tape
Felt tipped marker
Center Punch
1/4" Drill bit
17/32" Drill bit
1/2" Wrench
5/8" Wrench
10mm Socket
4" Or Longer Extension For Ratchet 
Anit-Sieze Thread Compound
Small Paint Brush

The first place to start is to remove any factory steps that might be on the JK that will interfere with the installation of the rocker guards.  We the applied painters tape to the area of the body where we would be working to avoid scratching the factory paint, here is what our Jeep looked like after the tape was applied.

We then put the rocker guard on the side of the Jeep and carefully positioned it so the gap around the door and up the "B" pillar was even.  After correctly positioning the rocker guard we marked one hole in the "B" pillar, one hole at the front of the rocker and one hole at the rear with out felt tipped marker.  We then removed the rocker guard.

JKU Rocker Guard Install

Using a center punch we now punched the three locations that we marked with out felt tip marker.

Using a 1/4" drill bit in our drill we drilled a hole in all three locations.

We then stepped up to the 17/32" drill bit.  Using a bit that large on sheet metal was a little tricky, we had to use the highest RPM that the drill could turn and use very little pressure on the drill to avoid having the drill bit grab the sheet metal.  We drilled all three holes to 17/32"

After we drilled the holes out to 17/32" we took a small paint brush and some paint and painted where we had just drilled the holes in order to prevent future rust.  We also peeled the tape back just enough to keep from catching the tape under the flange of the thread insert.

Now it was time for us to install the thread inserts, our kit includes a 5/16" hex head bolt, 2 washers, and a coupling nut that can be used to install the inserts.  Here is a picture of how it all goes together to install the insert.

Thread Insert Tool Assembly

Using our 1/2" wrench and our 5/8" wrench we were able to turn the 5/16" bolt with the 1/2" wrench and hold the coupling nut from turning to install the thread inserts.  We had to be careful to make sure that the inserts were installed straight and were pulled up just the right amount.  After we installed 3 of these we were ready for the next step.

Now we bolted the rocker guard back on utilizing the three inserts we installed and three 5/16" bolts with anti-seize on the threads.  This allowed us to mark the remaning hole locations for the rest of the inserts.


We then removed the rocker guard again and used the same procedure as the first 3 holes to install the inserts in the renaming holes.  Some of the holes on the bottom front had to be drilled through two layers of the Jeep body in order to have room to install the thread inserts.  Using a 10mm socket 4 of the front fender bolts had to be removed so the fender could be moved away from the tub to have room to install the thread inserts, here is a picture of those bolts.

After all of the threaded inserts were installed we put the rocker guard back on installed all of the hardware with anti-seize on the thread of each bolt.

Now that we had verified fit, we removed the rocker guard and the painters tape.  We now moved to the opposite side of the Jeep and repeated the procedure.  After both side were complete we painted our rocker guards and installed them for the final time.

Now our JKU is ready for what ever the trail throws at it and we don't have worry about damaging our rockers while out on the trail.

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