Meet The Average Joe
Did you hear the one about the guy who didn’t know much about cars and then got a job at a 4wd company? It’s not a joke, like Bon Jovi says “it’s my life.” My name is Joe and I’ve just started working at Barnes4wd. I’m writing this blog in hopes to understand more about what our customers need to know and become more knowledgeable myself in the 4wd world. So hopefully you guys and girls can help me become a 4wd expert.  I have learned a lot just from talking to customers and being around our products but I want to gain knowledge from our consumers. It’s embarrassing sometimes to ask people about information that seems like common knowledge to veterans of the 4wd world. So I’ll take it upon myself to ask the easy questions that some of us might not know. 

When I first got here all I kept hearing was differential, differential covers, hogs head, and pumpkin. I’m was thinking to myself what’s a hog head, pumpkin, and what does a differential do? Just speaking with our customers and techs here at the shop I learned that a pumpkin or a hogs head is a slang term for the area where the gears are in an axle. I learned exactly what a differential does by watching this YouTube link  After watching that you have a pretty good idea as to my level of automotive knowledge. 

So how about some of you 4wd veterans help out us newbies. What do you think we need to learn about? Send me pictures, videos, questions, anything that you have found useful on builds. I will read them all and comment, probably with more questions. All experience levels and comments are appreciated. 

Here is my first question: 

Have you ever been doing a build and get to a point where you think I’m going to have to call Barnes4wd and ask what’s next? 
What was the application? 
What got you off-track? 
How did you figure out the next step? 
What did you google or how did you figure it out?
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