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Matt Hackett’s 1974 Jeep CJ5

Posted by Brad Barnes on 9/4/2015 to Barnes Projects

We are so happy to present another winner of the Barnes 4x4 Upgrade Challenge. Every month, we randomly draw a name from our list of participants, and August was Matt’s lucky month! Take a look at his custom fab 1974 CJ:

Hackett 74 Jeep CJ

Getting His CJ Ready to Roll

Matt has been doing a lot of fabrication work on his CJ. He has installed leaf spring frame outriggers to match his frame width to his axle width, and spring under axle u-bolt plates to prevent bolt damage and increase clearance. He is about to complete a double triangulated 4 link suspension kit. This kit is pretty extensive and includes all of the necessary parts:

  • flush mount lower triangulated 4 link bracket
  • axle link mount pair, truss link mount brackets
  • adjustable inner frame link mount pair
  • heat treated chromoly 1-1/4" heims
  • high misalignment spacers
  • jam nuts
  • tube inserts
Hackett 74 Jeep CJ Install

Although Matt’s upgrades are not finished, he says the Barnes parts are getting his rig “closer to sitting on its own four feet.” We hope his prize helps him finish the task!

Have a similar off-road fabrication story?

Visit the Barnes 4X4 Upgrade Challenge page to learn more about how you can participate.

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