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Josh Waldron’s 1988 Jeep Wrangler Upgrade

Posted by Brad Barnes on 8/12/2015 to Barnes Projects
Take a look at Josh and his 1988 Jeep Wrangler in action.
JWaldron 88 Jeep Wrangler

4x4 Parts for Rock Crawling

Josh has installed a variety of Barnes custom 4X4 parts, including axle link brackets, truss link brackets, a link tower, Ultra 100 inner frame brackets, frame link mounts, an offset panhard, Pro Series 14 bolt full truss, Jeep YJ 3" skid plate, 60 and 14 bolt differential shave covers, trick tabs, a bumper clevis pair, 14-bolt brake brackets, ARP high steer studs, ⅞” heim joint kit, and 1.5" DOM tubing. The finished product is one hardcore crawler!

88 Jeep Wrangler Rock Crawling

Smooth Suspension, Durable Steering, Confident Ride

According to Josh, “The brackets for the link suspension worked great. Everything runs smoothly, with no binding – I couldn’t be happier with the quality. The full truss gives me confidence to where I can really get on the throttle and not even think twice with a mildly built 5.0 to the floor. The 3" skid plate holds the atlas in place, with no signs of twisting. The ⅞” heims joints work great for steering with hydro assist and are very durable. Barnes’ 14 bolt brake brackets worked nicely – now I can can hold 42s with no problems. The trick tabs worked nicely to hold the corbeau seats to the rollcage, and yes, they do hold upside down. Barnes’ Dana 60 Differential Cover is extremely heavy duty – I recommend it 100%. The nice hardware available and the 14-bolt shave cover are good investments. The beefy 14 bolt hits everything and this has helped a lot.”

88 Jeep Wrangler Axle Truss

Saved by Reliability and Durability

Josh also shared about a time when Barnes’ parts truly held their own: “The 14 bolt pinion guard saved me in Kentucky this past May. Without it, I would have torn the whole pinion off and would have needed to head back home. Plus, the ARP high steer studs held my steering, even after failures from other brands.”

JWardron Jeep Axle Truss

Why Josh Uses Barnes 4wd Products

Josh uses a lot of Barnes products. He says, “I will continue to do so because of their great customer service and quick turn around time. I have several other builds I also use their products on. So thanks to Barnes for being part of my Jeep build and being tough as nails!”

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Date: 2/12/2016
bom dia sou do BRASIL sabe me dizer onde posso comprar hein joint para fazer uma suspenssao 4 link em um jeep willys CJ 6 ? qual seria a medida que devo usar de hein joint para as barras do link ?

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