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Jordan Townsend’s Borla Performance JRT Off-road Racing Car

Posted by Brad Barnes on 6/11/2015 to Barnes Projects

Jordan Townsend is the driver of the Borla Performance JRT Off-road Racing #4580 car, a 4500 Class Ultra4 racer based on a 2004 Jeep Wrangler.

Jordan T Off Roading

4x4 Suspension Parts that Take a Beating

Jordan T Suspension Parts

Jordan uses Barnes’ Ultra100 Link Brackets for all chassis suspension mounts at frame and upper axle, and Ultra 100 Angled Control Arm Mounts for all lower axle applications. Check out this picture of his axle during fabrication.

Jordan’s Rig Before

Jordan T Before Barnes 4x4 Upgrade

Before adding Barnes off road parts, Jordan’s old mounts had to be thoroughly inspected and straightened after every race.

Jordan’s Rig After

Jordan T Barnes Off Road Parts Upgrade

According to Jordan, “Use of Barnes 4wd brackets have improved the performance, strength and reliability of my race car. The lightweight high strength Ultra100 steel allows for a thinner material to be used, reducing the overall weight while still increasing strength. These parts have all taken an absolute beating and are no worse for wear.”

Have a similar off-road fabrication story?

Visit the Barnes 4X4 Upgrade Challenge page to learn more about how you can participate.

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