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Jonathan Pearce’s 1983 Toyota Buggy

Posted by Brad Barnes on 12/16/2015 to Barnes Projects

Jonathan Pearce’s 1983 Toyota Buggy

A big “Congratulations” goes out to Jonathan Pearce, the November 2015 winner of our monthly challenge. Check out his unique, powerful, and just plain awesome Toyota buggy (now that’s a rear shock):

Jonathan Pearce 83 Toyota Buggy

If you didn’t already notice, this thing can pull off some serious tricks:

Jonathan Pearce's Toyota Buggy in Action

Jonathan’s Secret Weapon: A Rear 4 Link

Before 4 Link Suspension Install

Here is a picture of what Jonathan’s buggy used to look like in the rear. Since then, he’s upgraded to a rear 4 link suspension using Barnes 4wd’s 7/8" heims and square lowers. He’s also added a rear homemade sway bar with Barnes 5/8 economy female heims. All of his panels have been installed using Barnes truck tabs – over 100 of them.

The 4 Link Suspension in Action

After 4 Link Suspension Install

According to Jonathan, “With the added sway bar, the 4 link suspension is very flexy. It never unloads and always feels stable, even in the most unnerving situations.”

In the future, Jonathan will add “a 3 link in the front and totally redesign the front chassis/tube work.” We are thrilled he is walking away with a $100 Barnes gift card to use towards his next upgrades!



Cheryl Pearce
Date: 12/17/2015
Way to Jonathan!!!! This is so cool!!!!
Cheryl Pearce
Date: 12/17/2015
Way to go Jonathan!!!! This is so cool!!!!
Ray McLaughlin
Date: 1/13/2016
Way to go brother, awesome job n congrats!!

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