Paint Vs Powder Coat?

This is a question that we get a lot especially since we used to offer powder coated product and decided to drop that option and only ship bare metal material. We are obviously not professionals in this realm, but we definitely have had our fair share of rattle can and powder coated products and have seen the benefits and draw backs when it comes to armor applications.
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Improving Your Vehicle’s Ground Clearance

Driving off road vehicles requires a lot of preparation and knowledge; otherwise, you may be left stranded on top of a rock, stuck in the mud, or utterly broken down. And while there are various factors to consider before heading out on the trail, ground clearance is on the top of the list.

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Off-Road Fabrication Tools

Making upgrades to your rig will range in difficulty, from a simple bumper addition, to a labor-intensive 4 link suspension install. But no matter what sort of project you decide to tackle, the tools you have on hand can make all of the difference for time, safety, and success. Here is a list of fabrication tools and supplies we think are essential for your off-road shop.

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The Benefits of a Suspension Calculator

Fabricating a leaf spring or link suspension requires precise measurements, all of which determine the basic functionality and off-road performance of your rig. So before you begin a new suspension installation, be sure to use a geometry calculator to evaluate your suspension setup.
Suspension Geometry for Fabrication
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Installation Tips for Adding a Three Link Suspension

A three link suspension kit is adaptable for many settings, but especially perfect for front suspensions because they can fit easily around your rig’s drive shaft, exhaust, oil pans, and other obstacles that may not work with a four link or leaf spring setup. In the following article we'll share some installation tips to facilitate your upgrade work.
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