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Donavin Donley’s 2006 Wrangler LJ

Posted by Brad Barnes on 11/17/2015 to Barnes Projects

Take a look at how Donavin transformed his Jeep LJ into an off-road machine:

DDonley LJ Jeep Wrangler

Adding Custom Jeep Bumpers, Shock Brackets, and More

Donavin added a TJ-LJ Stubby Bumper with Bull Bar to the front of his Wrangler. This bumper is designed to provide high clearance and protection, without getting in the way. It looks pretty impressive too.

DDonley Stubby Bumper

He also upgraded his Frame Shock Towers and Frenched Shock Towers. Upgrading frame towers and frenched towers helps fabricators outboard their shocks for maximized performance potential. These towers can also be modified for the perfect length and ride height.

DDonley Shock Tower

On the axle, Donavin upgraded his bracketry with Bent & Curved Axle Shock Brackets (bent for added strength and curved for added clearance), Behind the Axle Shock Brackets (that prevent shock binding and allow you to run longer shocks), and 10 degree Axle Link Mount Brackets (minimal tubing needed; adjustable; keep suspension joint close to the axle).

DDonley shock brackets

The Results from Donavin’s 4x4 Upgrades

These upgrades helped Donavin get his rig where he needed it to be: “I was able to mount my coil-overs for the ultimate flex. No worries about breaking or bending the brackets from Barnes – high quality products. The stubby bumper finished off my build with the ability to mount a winch and not rub those 40's when fully turned.”

Have a similar off-road fabrication story?

Visit the Barnes 4X4 Upgrade Challenge page to learn more about how you can participate.

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