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Daniel Nevins’ 1977 Ford F350

Posted by Brad on 11/3/2015 to Barnes Projects

Let’s give it up for Daniel Nevins, the October winner of the Barnes 4x4 Upgrade Challenge. We are thrilled that Daniel will receive a $100 Barnes gift certificate to make his 1977 Ford F350 even more unique and rugged than it already is! Check out his rig below:

DNevins 77 Ford F350

Adding a Custom 4 Link Suspension

Daniel added a custom 4 link suspension setup using Barnes 4wd rebuildable enduro joints – made of 52100 bearing steel and include high misalignment spacers – as well as our link suspension brackets.

DNevins Ford 4 Link Suspension

Upgrading to a 4 link suspension will have an incredible impact on a rig’s performance. If installed properly, one can expect perfectly balanced triangulation, maximum control, better ride quality, and more power on the ground. If you are planning on adding one of these to your rig, check out our 4 link install tips to get an idea of some best practices.

A Truck Transformation

According to Daniel, his truck is “changed in every way – rides better, better traction, a blast to drive!” We look forward to seeing his future upgrades!

Have a similar off-road fabrication story?

Visit the Barnes 4X4 Upgrade Challenge page to learn more about how you can participate.



Date: 11/3/2015
Way to go brother! Your rig looks amazing. You have years of blood sweat and tears into it. Good luck in the future with Grimace. He has come a long way :)

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