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Aaron Keiser's 91 Jeep Wrangler

Posted by Brad Barnes on 7/6/2015 to Barnes Projects

Congrats to Aaron Keiser for winning a $100 Barnes 4wd Gift Card in this month’s drawing for the Barnes 4x4 Upgrade challenge. Take a look at his upgraded 1991 Jeep:

AKeiser 91 Jeep Wrangler

Aaron’s Custom Fabrication

Aaron uses Barnes’ custom leaf spring frame outriggers to outboard his rear leaf springs,  an SUA leaf spring kit for his rear XJ springs, spring hangers, gussets, and a D60 axle swap kit.  

Thanks for showing off your rig, Aaron. We look forward to seeing it again with the new Barnes parts you buy with your prize!

Aaron's Barnes Axle Swap Upgrade

Have a similar off-road fabrication story?

Visit the Barnes 4X4 Upgrade Challenge page to learn more about how you can participate.

UPDATE: Skid Plate Modification

In mid August Aaron got back in touch with us to share his 3 inch drop skid plate modification to work with his Ford drivetrain. He completely redid the exhaust and trans mount at the same time. Thanks for the updates, Aaron!

3 inch drop skid plate modification



Larry Harrison
Date: 8/20/2015
I was wondering if you could tell me what D60 axles you used, from what vehicle?
Aaron Keiser
Date: 8/20/2015
I used a 14 bolt from a CUCV Military Chevy. Used barnes pinion guard, disc brake brackets, shave cover, SUA swap kit, and frame outriggers. The kingpin D60 front axle came from an 1989 F350 which has a Ballistic fab cover, BTF high steer, 35 spline stub shaft conversion and Elocker. I used Barnes frame outriggers on the front as well to work with the wider spring width of the late model KP D60.

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