Shackles & Lift Shackles

 We offer our shackles in 4”, 5” and 6” lengths (all measurements are measured from center of the bolt hole to center of the bolt hole). We also offer all three lengths in strait, boomerang and offset.  Offsets work great if you are changing leaf spring width but do not want to change your shackle hangers. One thing to keep in mind is the amount of lift that you will get when going with a longer shackle. If you have a factory 4” shackle and you upgrade to one of our 6” shackles you will get 1” of lift not 2”. Since the shackle is only lifting one side of the leaf spring from the frame and the axle is in the center then the increase in height will be cut in half.
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HD Shackle, 1/4 Offset
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HD Shackle Straight
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Boomerang Shackle
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